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Our History
The founders of Interspa recognized a need for a product that would allow individuals planning for or experiencing lessened mobility to retain their independence and dignity at home while bathing. Such a product would increase the amount of time people could live safely and comfortably on their own.

Determined to fill this void, Interspa was born. The resulting modern walk-in tubs are highly specialized for superior ease of use, safety, health and aesthetics and offer unparalleled quality and construction.

Interspa's history of innovation has led to its current line of walk-in bathtubs. Dura-Finish makes Interspa tubs resistant to stains and cracking, mold and bacteria. Interspa is proud of this and continues to be the only company to produce a product of this nature.

The Interspa mission -- for both the present and the future -- is to provide customers with feature rich walk-in bathtubs complete with the latest and most comprehensive therapeutic technology available. When purchasing a Interspa product, customers can expect to enjoy the very best in workmanship, quality and customer service. And remember we deliver and we install!

The Interspa philosophy is simple: Listen to the customer. Interspa takes great pride in continually improving existing products by actively integrating customer feedback into product design. Every change and improvement made to Interspa products enhances the safety, functionality and comfort of the product for the customer.

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